from by The Crinn



you want touch
can’t get it
quench thirsts, taste it
if you would, see a beast, licking lips, picking teeth
this is the way to the top
this is the way to the top
this is the way to the top
this is the way. this is the way
two faced. It plays pretend
it feels no pain whatever it’s in
he’s hot lake water when waving your way
you’ve got to wander to play his game
where do you wander?
where do you go?
wanderman, drinks from the wanderhole
breaks the rules and he never gets caught
wanderman, seeks the thrill
he risks it all, and he never wants to stop.
he’s in, and out
wanderman, hugs the shadows
you’ve seen him once but you’ve never seen him twice
wanderman, time travels freely
a true enigma with an elevated heart
he’s in, and out, again


from Shadowbreather, released April 28, 2015
Drum Tracking, Reamping, Mixed, and Mastered by Adam Tucker @ Signaturetone Recording Studio

Bass, Guitar, and Vocals Tracked by Cole Leonard @ Mindsculpture Studio

Artwork by Justin Francis



all rights reserved


The Crinn Saint Paul

Our jams are fast, heavy, and full of fuckery.

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