by The Crinn

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released April 28, 2015

Drum Tracking, Reamping, Mixed, and Mastered by Adam Tucker @ Signaturetone Recording Studio

Bass, Guitar, and Vocals Tracked by Cole Leonard @ Mindsculpture Studio

Artwork by Justin Francis



all rights reserved


The Crinn Saint Paul

Our jams are fast, heavy, and full of fuckery.

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Track Name: Wanderman
you want touch
can’t get it
quench thirsts, taste it
if you would, see a beast, licking lips, picking teeth
this is the way to the top
this is the way to the top
this is the way to the top
this is the way. this is the way
two faced. It plays pretend
it feels no pain whatever it’s in
he’s hot lake water when waving your way
you’ve got to wander to play his game
where do you wander?
where do you go?
wanderman, drinks from the wanderhole
breaks the rules and he never gets caught
wanderman, seeks the thrill
he risks it all, and he never wants to stop.
he’s in, and out
wanderman, hugs the shadows
you’ve seen him once but you’ve never seen him twice
wanderman, time travels freely
a true enigma with an elevated heart
he’s in, and out, again
Track Name: Endless
i am the fervent
the earth, wind, and flame
i am the low and the high
i am the free
so lucky for me
i embrace for my state of affairs
i am the wiser
when issues arise fear
i will persist and endure
i am the illusion
a cosmic intrusion
a constant delusion
a tireless divide
if only I knew
if only I had some clairvoyance
as to what my free will will decide
and the walls will collapse all around me
the air will be clearer to see
escaping the body I’ve known which
mines through the dust I have breathed
all our words
end in flight
none escapes
embracing light
when we live we die, we know forever
pain of a god, seek on, we live forever
pain or sorrow, we ride
we live in our bodies
we live in our minds
we live on our terms
and still were chained
i go my own way
i may not decide
my destiny
grab hold to the ones that you love
the world owes you nothing
time is an illusion
a pattern for humans
i'm a constant delusion
a cosmic intrusion
a tireless divide
Track Name: Silent Betrayer
bend over and enter into me
you hate me ‘cause I’m a bastard
and i’m a bother to keep in back of your storyline
you’re angry ‘cause you’re a blackbird
and i am trying to keep the light on us
i’ll walk on and put my face on and put my fake on
and then i’ll never come back
right in the thick of it
i’ve tried, tried to flee
i can not lay a foot down
believe in me, i am your prey in your prison
believe in me, your blank code is not unfelt
the way home is all I’ve got
the rain and the sun goes down in the blink of an eye
we never gave it our all
ride on the back seat of the fallen with me
locked and loaded
and I will unravel the peace right from within me
no way of bringing it onward north
no way of getting closer, we wither and fade
no way of waiting on your indignation
no way on
well don’t wave your finger at me
Track Name: Something Horrible
eat it up, selfishly devour everything
chew through the beautiful fabric of life
let no seed stray from appetite
all I want is this power, this fuel, this fuel
i wanna be something horrible
all right human beings!
when the light turns green, pour your heart out
run as fast as you can
open wide, let it slide!
oh no! I almost got it!
oh no! I’m on the fence!
oh my! don’t let them get it!
he’s got it! It’s over! goodbye!
tear it
rip it apart
consume its’ flesh
cook the skin and the meat and bones
sink those teeth into the muscle
all I want is this power, this fuel, this fuel
i wanna be something
he’s got it, it’s over goodbye
tear it
rip it apart
consume its’ flesh
Track Name: Burn The Widow
down in the dirt, on top of the earth
a spider spoke of an ant who was third to the throne
he spent his few days next to the queen and
he couldn’t stand her wickedness anymore
so he assembled his clones
and they gathered stones
he spoke dissonant tones
and he told them all
we will reign, storm the night
take this town, decorate your onslaught
she wouldn’t get it ‘cause she’s fuckin’ insane
we’re gonna party our soul away and say good bye
we cannot succeed this without each other so it
makes no difference how she goes
plug her path up, fill it with water, let her drown
but if you wanted we could burn it all down
take our freedom with us all
we’re gonna break all her laws
we’re gonna take down her nation
we’re gonna be out for blood
burn it down and make this our mission
we could have known, we should have known
we could have bled out the cunt
on the path to our own destination
reveal, wake them up
reveal, wake them up
let our bigot know of her treason
want your freedom
want your closure
got to fight to find the way
find your reason
and send that bitch right straight to hell
want your way, gotta burn the widow
end the crown, gotta burn the widow
be more than a clone, gotta burn the widow
win your world by burning her down
burn her down, burn her down, burn her
burn her down
gotta burn her down, gotta burn her down
Track Name: Maze of Walls
slow people, slow people
im always running
there’s no time to kill
and no, im not sorry
if I move faster than you
bellowing down halls
the stone cold maze of walls
ripping right through the creases
slow people, slow people
spinning out and I couldn’t brake the pedal
(pounding nails and i couldn’t break the metal)
and when the flowers came out
beggars came
to waste my time
and I try to explain
no you won’t take it
you can’t get it
you can’t get it
and you won’t
because you know that I’m alone
i am the dead man of the earth
i’ve seen my ghost
can’t give it away
can’t give it away
can’t get it
some pray for, some are bold.
bellowing down halls
the stone cold maze of walls
ripping right through the creases
Track Name: Lurking Light
as he climbs through the steam vents
eyes heavy, so stark, so torn
exhausted from the journey, no doubt he’s at his end
running from his lost and lonely life, he’s trying to disconnect
doubt runs through him, but still he pushes on
peering over the rocky edge, he feels he’s not as strong
and in this moment he finds his will to live
as he runs from his problems
he can’t go fast enough
he lifts the heavy cover up to peek outside
and when he thought it would be over
it was not over
it was far, far from over
he’s afraid, afraid no more
he’s rising to the challenge
he wants it, wants it all
he won’t give up
he’ll find the way
and take a hold and live
he’ll find a day to find a way to go
he’s not ashamed, he’s not to blame, hes found
He’s found a way to stay awake and run
it wasn’t for the pressure*
it wasn’t for the fun
it wasn’t for the glory
it was for nothing at all
he carries the weight of the world
Track Name: Deaf Effort
we had a moment, it all went away
to me an escape, perfection, and now you’ve put out the fire, to be alone
truth is, i’m confused and my patience wears thin for you
you are lost in denial, don’t know where to begin
it tore us apart
you have blessed the devil, where there is no sin
sorry will not work now because
all I ever think of is a lie, the story you made up for me
how I doubted my sense of self worth
i would rather be fed to the light, sacrifice everything
then be stuck forever
bring the raw, the clutches
bring upon the fight
been apart forever, all days and nights
all I ever think of is a lie, the story you made up for me
how I questioned my sense of self worth
i would rather be fed to the light, sacrifice everything
then be stuck with this forever
Track Name: Against the Flow
heating pressure
eats you up and spits you out and then we multiply
you had better not wait too long,
i've got to board this cloud, and ride it up
beating faster
my heart is beating at a speed limit that will make me die
you’ll never wait that long
ride the wake, drop me in the ice-cold
keep me on the war side
silent angel
keep me warm and safe
scream it out, proud
give me all the pain, let go
it’s coming, it’s coming!
the plain and lonely world
is all the love i’ve known
i plan to rule the player
give him the life he deserves
when i'm blameless and i'm coasting
somebody, somebody, will know
i'm a parasite, im a bleeder
it’s coming down, on me
i am desperate and on my knees
for love I wake up
true love will rape me
drag on the pain known
i’ll forever swim against the flow
I’m washed up girl
life, might as well make it hot
I stare at the way you move
suddenly i’m alive and
i wish i was strong enough to make you stay
break the chain off and betray the strangest way
i’m drowning in the passion bathing in the ashes of a blazing moon
i am not a god, i am just a man