from by The Crinn



i am the fervent
the earth, wind, and flame
i am the low and the high
i am the free
so lucky for me
i embrace for my state of affairs
i am the wiser
when issues arise fear
i will persist and endure
i am the illusion
a cosmic intrusion
a constant delusion
a tireless divide
if only I knew
if only I had some clairvoyance
as to what my free will will decide
and the walls will collapse all around me
the air will be clearer to see
escaping the body I’ve known which
mines through the dust I have breathed
all our words
end in flight
none escapes
embracing light
when we live we die, we know forever
pain of a god, seek on, we live forever
pain or sorrow, we ride
we live in our bodies
we live in our minds
we live on our terms
and still were chained
i go my own way
i may not decide
my destiny
grab hold to the ones that you love
the world owes you nothing
time is an illusion
a pattern for humans
i'm a constant delusion
a cosmic intrusion
a tireless divide


from Shadowbreather, released April 28, 2015
Drum Tracking, Reamping, Mixed, and Mastered by Adam Tucker @ Signaturetone Recording Studio

Bass, Guitar, and Vocals Tracked by Cole Leonard @ Mindsculpture Studio

Artwork by Justin Francis



all rights reserved


The Crinn Saint Paul

Our jams are fast, heavy, and full of fuckery.

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