Burn The Widow

from by The Crinn



down in the dirt, on top of the earth
a spider spoke of an ant who was third to the throne
he spent his few days next to the queen and
he couldn’t stand her wickedness anymore
so he assembled his clones
and they gathered stones
he spoke dissonant tones
and he told them all
we will reign, storm the night
take this town, decorate your onslaught
she wouldn’t get it ‘cause she’s fuckin’ insane
we’re gonna party our soul away and say good bye
we cannot succeed this without each other so it
makes no difference how she goes
plug her path up, fill it with water, let her drown
but if you wanted we could burn it all down
take our freedom with us all
we’re gonna break all her laws
we’re gonna take down her nation
we’re gonna be out for blood
burn it down and make this our mission
we could have known, we should have known
we could have bled out the cunt
on the path to our own destination
reveal, wake them up
reveal, wake them up
let our bigot know of her treason
want your freedom
want your closure
got to fight to find the way
find your reason
and send that bitch right straight to hell
want your way, gotta burn the widow
end the crown, gotta burn the widow
be more than a clone, gotta burn the widow
win your world by burning her down
burn her down, burn her down, burn her
burn her down
gotta burn her down, gotta burn her down


from Shadowbreather, released April 28, 2015



all rights reserved


The Crinn Saint Paul

Our jams are fast, heavy, and full of fuckery.

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